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    Fri 04 Dec 2015 07:58:21 PM CET

    Hi Dani,
    it's sad what's happening to you. It happened to me continuously over the course of around 2 years now. Just as Apple announced the 2nd version of Swift, I myself too wanna dig in and make something for myself.

    It's been couple of days now since I got my s*** together. I started by watching Apple's WWDC Developer videos back from 2014 (Introduction, Intermediate and then Advanced I think)
    IMO I think you should practice whatever you learn by making a Playground (from Xcode) and be comfy with whatever you learn.
    Github could house a lot of projects and code that you may benefit from.
    Sorry if it's not much of a help. But hey I had to reply even after 5 months :)

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