could u please explain the process how we can archive these concept in accessibilty.In android they

  1. 12 months ago

    APpname : VoiceoverTestApp

    VoiceoverTestApp : enable voice over using swift
    VoiceoverTestApp : switch to background State

    After that ,when user open new app like Skype ,Email,What APP & so on (third party app).

    How to know app name and get text of user typed text ;

    e.g.: I have open the Skype and typed “hello Apple” .

    How i can get text “hello Apple” (user typed text)

    My VoiceoverTestApp(APP name )have to enable voice over and running in background .and I wants to read the text or detect the text or get the text in third party App like Skype ,Email,What APP & so on

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