Apple Swift 4.0 Programming Language Resources and Tutorials for iOS and OS X app development

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Swift is open source!

Apple has open sourced Swift, a modern programming language for iOS, OS X, watchOS and Linux.


Swift 4.0 is much faster and adds new features: protocol extensions, a new error handling model, mutability warnings, synthesized headers in Xcode, markdown in comments, Objective-C generics and nullability annotations, and more.

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Get the full Swift development enviroment for OS X or Linux from GitHub. Windows support will be added later. If you just want to try Swift in the online playground, all you need is the web browser.



Do you have any questions? Ask other developers on our forum. Find the best solutions for Swift programming. Write you thoughts and source code. Become one of Swift experts and share your knowledge.



Swift Community-Hosted Continuous Integration

We are delighted to announce a significant expansion of our continuous integration testing system. Members of the Swift community have been hard at work to support Swift on a number of new platforms, and we have extended the Swift CI system to support community-hosted nodes for testing additional platforms....

Reimplementation of Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals

A new implementation of implicitly unwrapped optionals (IUOs) landed in the Swift compiler earlier this year and is available to try in recent Swift snapshots. This completes the implementation of SE-0054 - Abolish ImplicitlyUnwrappedOptional Type. This is an important change to the language that eliminated some inconsistencies in type checking and clarified the rule of how these values are to be treated so that it is consistent and easy to reason about. For more information, see the motivation section of that proposal....



Read the official Swift Programming Language Book (Swift 4.0) by Apple, containing a complete guide and a language reference, in one of five formats.


Here are some links to tutorials, articles and other resources. If you find something interesting, please add it to our community.