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Swift will be open source!

At WWDC 2015, Apple announced Swift 2.0, an open source programming language for iOS, OS X, watchOS and Linux.


Swift 2.0 is much faster and adds new features: protocol extensions, a new error handling model, mutability warnings, synthesized headers in Xcode, markdown in comments, Objective-C generics and nullability annotations, and more.

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Run the samples of the Swift 2.0 source code online. Named parameters, inferred types, closures, first class functions, tuples, generics, protocols. All you need to start playing is the web browser.

Playground 2.0


Do you have any questions? Ask other developers on our forum. Find the best solutions for Swift programming. Write you thoughts and source code. Become one of Swift experts and share your knowledge.

Community 2.0


Swift-er SDK

In Xcode 6.3 we added the new nullability annotations language feature for Objective-C. This feature gave Objective-C a way to express the same sorts of null...

Strings in Swift 2

Swift provides a performant, Unicode-compliant string implementation as part of its Standard Library. In Swift 2, the String type no longer conforms to the CollectionType protocol, where String...

Swift 2.0

Today at WWDC, we announced Swift 2.0 . This new version has even better performance, a new error handling API, and first-class support for availability checking. And platform...



Read the official Swift Programming Language Book by Apple, containing a complete guide and a language reference, in one of five formats.


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